Monday, December 5, 2011

words words review

I saw the mask club "words words words" on thursday. A student-run, student-directed, black-box show, taking three shakespeare plays, and cutting across several scenes of each...

 It was basically a 30 minute version of our show with some VERY distinct and important differences. 

1) the three shows were Romeo and Juliet, Othello, and Much ado about Nothing. 

for obvious reasons that's different. (ours is R+J, Hamlet, and Love's Labour's)

2) their theme was not examining what shakespeare thought of love, but was examining communication.

while I understood their attempt, I did not understand the followthrough. What I got was a series of stories involving a serious lack-of-communication. 

3) their couples were in grey, white and black, which echoed the feeling of their show, I guess.

our color scheme (red, yellow, and blue) is much more fun, and well... colorful. which hopefully sets the tone for our more upbeat production.

4) their show was intended for serious drama, and to evoke intense emotion... i think...

ours is to laugh at ourselves, the ways love can go wrong, and hopefully add enough of a modern twist to shakespeare that people who wouldn't normally think to look at shakespeare, might think again. We want to bring Shakespeare literacy to a level that any person can understand, be entertained, and enjoy the show/shakespeare.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Shakespeare Literacy

Thirty repetitions later, I finally understand what a single line of Shakespeare means.

It sounds funny, but it's true. There's a line in the back-and-forth between Rosaline and Berowne that I never quite understood until today:
Berowne: Your wit's too hot, it speeds to fast, twill tire.
Rosaline: Not till it leave the rider in the mire.
Maybe I'm just being slow on the uptake, or her wit is too fast for me too, but that always seemed like an awkward line to me. I didn't get what Rosaline was supposed to be saying. But after memorizing lines, running through them multiple times, and trying to assign meaning to what I was saying, I finally got the metaphor. Her wit is like a horse, and it's so quick that it will leave it's rider behind in a sticky situation long before it ever gets tired. Basically, she's saying that by the time she runs out of witty things to say, Berowne will be so far behind that it wont matter. Hooray for finally understanding. There are things about these plays that I never would have picked up on if we weren't doing this production.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

ending poem--averill

Different hues and different shades appear in stories told
through time and space the tale of love, in every shape is sold
across three scripts what could have been potential love most true,
Lust, dishonesty, hate and haste have tragic endings drew.

Conflicting views from either side fashioned a love in the middle
A bond began through a look and haste, but logic, there was little

When truth from vivious lips doth fall, on ears already feighn'd
Honesty's lost, by sad misuse, for promise's now tainted

If born from lust, but care not of the struggles of their brother,
both fault the end in guise of truth deceiving both the other.

Is love in vein? Once can search these tales of sordid action
(so choose yourself, which course you'll take, to counter) Shakespeare's fiction.

(i don't like the last line. and a few lines in between)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ending Poem-Martina

Well, it's short and not in Shakespearean, but here's what I came up with as a potential ending poem. It would be great for everyone else to post their's too so I don't feel so lame! Thanks:)

If your love is born of lust,
come to a speedy end, it must.
If you love stems from familial hate,
no happily ever after can be your fate.
If your love starts with the breaking of an oath,
your lover will soon find your promises loath.
Lasting love is born of honesty and trust.
Without these labours, your love will be a bust.

Voila! Done! And I even tied in the title of our show.

The REAL Schedule.

This is it. The really real thing. I will print this out in a packet, along with everyone's scripts and contact information. It's really coming together team! :D

Nov. 17
Finalize script/ending poem
Nov. 19
Block show. 
Nov. 29

MUST HAVE LINES MEMORIZED. There will be a quiz. If you fail, you will fail at life. moral of that story: memorize your lines. 
Dec. 1
Production elements meeting: Costumes, lighting, sounds/recordings, etc.
Dec. 3
TBD (may or may not be out of town)
Dec. 5
Cast FHE--work out kinks 
Dec. 7
Dress rehearsal. (start at 8:00) Tell family and friends. We’ll need to practice for laughter etc.
Dec. 8
Final problems.
December 9
Call time: TBD
(have room from 5-11)
(and closing)

Check IT.

Love's Labours Rough Rehearsal Schedule

Tis a little small, but hopefully readable. Let's talk about as a group whether or not we want to add some extra rehearsals there towards the end.
Tue. 15
Thur. 17
Sat. 19
Turkey Break
Tue. 29
Thur. Dec. 1
Sat. 3
Tue. 6
Dec. 8
Fri. 9
Finalize Script
Finalize Script
REAL first read-through
No rehearsal
Must have lines MEMORIZED
Production elements meeting
(TBA) (might possibly be in NY)
Cast FHE! Problems
(and Brittni's bday)
+ 7-?

Let me know if any of these dramatically conflict with personal schedules.

p.s. I have more specific directors notes about blocking/cutting/acting notes etc. (Just so you know) but i don't want to post ALL of our secrets

More accurate one will be posted tonight with places and times. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

First Read Through

I shared this on my individual blog, but once again here is the video from our meeting last Friday. Enjoy.