Monday, December 5, 2011

words words review

I saw the mask club "words words words" on thursday. A student-run, student-directed, black-box show, taking three shakespeare plays, and cutting across several scenes of each...

 It was basically a 30 minute version of our show with some VERY distinct and important differences. 

1) the three shows were Romeo and Juliet, Othello, and Much ado about Nothing. 

for obvious reasons that's different. (ours is R+J, Hamlet, and Love's Labour's)

2) their theme was not examining what shakespeare thought of love, but was examining communication.

while I understood their attempt, I did not understand the followthrough. What I got was a series of stories involving a serious lack-of-communication. 

3) their couples were in grey, white and black, which echoed the feeling of their show, I guess.

our color scheme (red, yellow, and blue) is much more fun, and well... colorful. which hopefully sets the tone for our more upbeat production.

4) their show was intended for serious drama, and to evoke intense emotion... i think...

ours is to laugh at ourselves, the ways love can go wrong, and hopefully add enough of a modern twist to shakespeare that people who wouldn't normally think to look at shakespeare, might think again. We want to bring Shakespeare literacy to a level that any person can understand, be entertained, and enjoy the show/shakespeare.


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